Hi, I'm Nikki! 

A world-traveling yogi with a passion of helping people connect to their truest selves through holistic wellness.
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About Me

I became addicted to yoga in 2016 when every class felt like a safe haven, a respite from my chaotic monkey brain. Yoga allows me to be fully present and connect to my body in ways I never imagined.

I quit my corporate job and packed up my life to move across the world to Asia. My first stop was Bali, Indonesia to get my 200-hour yoga teacher certification.

As I started traveling and practicing yoga consistently, I realized some profound truths about the world and the way I lived.

These findings changed my mindset drastically, as I learned to let go of thoughts, people, and unnecessary stressors that weren’t contributing to my happiness.

I needed to find contentment within myself before I could even spend one moment being the person I’ve always wanted to be: confident, self-aware and unconditionally accepting of myself and others.

Through yoga, I was able to connect to my truest self and find contentment in all areas of my life.

I recognize the pursuit of happiness is one filled with a slew of challenges. Some days are harder than others, and I am far from perfect.

However, I can wholeheartedly say that now, living in a country with absolutely zero roots of my own, I am living the life I always dreamed of.

Now, I want to share my yoga practice and findings with you to help you get started on your own journey of self-actualization.

About the Brand

Have you uttered the words: 

"I want to try yoga, but I don't even know where to start." 

Or maybe: 

"I want to find a deeper connection to myself." 

Or perhaps: 

"I am ready for inner peace."

It doesn't matter if you can't touch your toes or are the least flexible person you know.

My brand is for you.

I help people who are interested in yoga yet are lost on where to start, begin their yoga journey.

It's not about being the "best yogi" out there. In fact, there is no such thing as being a good yogi. It's all about connecting to your mind, body and soul. It's about seeing the world through the yoga mindset, and finding inner peace, joy, and contentment.

I am creating a space and a community where you can authentically and wholeheartedly show up as your truest self. There are no judgments. Only love and pure acceptance.

No matter the size, shape, color, gender, age, let's start yoga together.  

Why The Name?

Dr. Seuss’ famous and final book Oh, the Places You’ll Go! delineates all of the twists and turns life’s journey will bring us on.

Not only is Oh, the Places You’ll Flow an ode to his meaningful book, but it’s also a reminder to live in the present moment and embrace whatever feeling, place, sensation, person or adventure is in front of you at this very instant

Oh, the Places You’ll Flow is a steady reminder to take heed of the present moment, feel deeply, love fiercely, and embrace what we encounter before us authentically.

I am a traveling yogi that is doing yoga all around the world and learning that yoga is a way of life that is everywhere.

Life is constantly changing. We have to keep up with its flow.

This name represents all of the moods I will flow in and out of, all of the people who will flow into my life along the way, and all the places that I will flow in between.

Here’s to all the places I’ll flow…

Here's to all the places you'll flow...

& Here's to all the places we'll flow together.

Start Here!

So many beginners have said to me "I want to try yoga, but I don't even know where to start!". Well, Look no further. I’ve made it easy for you and have laid everything out step by step.

Join my free 5-Day Beginners Yoga Challenge

In this free yoga challenge, you will: 
  • Learn 12 basic yoga poses
  • Practice the poses in four 15-minute gentle yoga sequences
  • Connect deeper to your mind and body through 5 different journal prompts
  • Finish the challenge with a 30-minute flow
  • Gain more confidence in your yoga practice
  • Have access to a global yoga community