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Find Inner Peace

The term holistic health gets thrown around like candy nowadays…but what does it really mean?

Is it daily face masks? A dip in a cold plunge pool? Cutting out carbs and indulging in that green detox juice cleanse? 

We are rolling into an age where we crave better physical, emotional and mental health.

It’s exhausting to feel like we are spinning our wheels in misery without seeing any progress forward.

If this sounds like you, I understand you. I was there too.

Miserable, thinking I would always feel that way with no way out.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel if you are willing to open your eyes and see it.

Let’s wash away your chronic stress, tension, self hate, discontent and burn out with immense amounts of love and joy.

Let Me Guide You To Inner Peace
Tengalalang Rice Terraces Ubud Bali Indonesia

My Healing Journey

I was in a corporate job in Chicago living a life that I thought I wanted.

Every day I was going through the motions losing myself a little bit more, until I was so far from my authentic self that I ran out of work bawling screaming on the phone to my sister “is this all that life is?”

My soul was yearning to be in alignment with what I truly wanted.

So I made a plan: I quit my job, packed my things, moved to Bali, got my 200-hour yoga teacher training, and dove head first into connecting to my truest self.

Every day I’m learning to connect deeper to myself by pulling back new layers of insights to continuously heal on my journey.

With a consistent yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice, I now experience more joy, inner peace and love on a daily basis.

More About Me
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Mind Body & Spirit

I was tired of being tired and disconnected from myself. Through yoga and meditation, I saw firsthand the connection of the mind body and spirit.

Every thought contributes to an action and how we show up in life.

So in order to raise your vibration, it starts with demolishing negative limiting beliefs that are holding us back and moving our bodies in ways that serve us. 

I have a variety of resources to help you connect deeper to your mind body and spirit.

Start Here!

So many beginners have said to me "I want to try yoga, but I don't even know where to start!". Well, Look no further. I’ve made it easy for you and have laid everything out step by step.

Join my free 5-Day Beginners Yoga Challenge

In this free yoga challenge, you will: 
  • Learn 12 basic yoga poses
  • Practice the poses in four 15-minute gentle yoga sequences
  • Connect deeper to your mind and body through 5 different journal prompts
  • Finish the challenge with a 30-minute flow
  • Gain more confidence in your yoga practice
  • Have access to a global yoga community