Inner Peace

Yoga is about connecting the mind, body and soul to lead you to contentment.
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Yoga Journey

Yoga is more than just poses. It’s more than a physical exercise.

Yoga is a way to dive inward and explore the deepest roots of yourself.

Both on the mat and as a daily practice in your everyday life.

It’s learning to surrender to the present moment and letting all tension and stress fade away.

It’s listening to your body with no judgments.

It’s showing up for yourself and others and standing in a space of unconditional love.

Through yoga, you can transform physically, mentally and spiritually as you get in touch with your true self and authentically allow it to radiate.

I will lead you in more than just a physical yoga sequence. Together, we will relieve stress, come into our truest selves, and learn profound life lessons that we can take with us both on and off the mat.

This is the start of your spiritual journey back to inner peace.

History of Yoga

Where does yoga come from?

Lord Shiva is said to be the founder of yoga. 

He and his first disciple, Parvati, used techniques that have been passed down through the ages.

The Vedas is the first book that captures the essence of these teachings. This scripture was written in Sanskrit, which is why all of the poses have a Sanskrit name. 

Patanjali then came along, took these yoga teachings and compiled them into the Yoga Sutras—the first written, comprehensive system of yoga. 

He writes about the eight-fold path to spiritual enlightenment, which consists of yamas and niyamas.

Many people believe that yoga is only comprised of poses or asanas.

Yet, Patanjali delineates that it is much more than that. Yamas and niyamas demonstrate a way of living, observing, and being conscious.

As yoga spiraled to other areas of the world, new styles and practices formed.

Swami Swatmarama in India paved the way for Hatha Yoga by eliminating the emphasis on the eight-fold path and focused on yoga asanas. This made it easier for yoga to become widespread as a physical activity.

Vinyasa yoga is a relatively new popular style in the Western world that links movement and breath.

Yoga has been around for a long time for good reason. The benefits of yoga are too good to pass up.

Mind, Body & Spirit

Yoga is the art of connecting the mind, body and spirit. As you continue into your practice, you may start to have moments of deep zen.  

Every time you practice, you are committing to your wellbeing as stress and tension fade away. In your practice, there is an emphasis on stretching and strengthening the physical body, yet at the same time you are connecting to a subtle energy body. This is where your mind, body and spirit work together to achieve a free flow of energy leaving you feeling balanced, energized and liberated.

To dive deeper on your own yoga journey and connecting the mind, body and spirit, take a private class with me either online or in-person (depending on where I am in the world).

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