Where To Eat in Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia Part 2

Uluwatu used to just be a surf town with very few delicious restaurants. As Uluwatu grows in popularity, there are more awesome restaurants popping up. As a foodie, I feel it quintessential that I share my dining experiences here. After you eat, you can go check the beaches. Make sure to reference my Ultimate Uluwatu Beach Guide.

Drifter Cafe

Drifter Cafe Uluwatu Bali

Drifter is a surfer’s paradise — so clearly, I didn’t fit in.

I did, however, enjoy browsing their surf shop and ~pretending~ like I am a surfer chick.

They are super eco-friendly as well. They allow you to fill up your reusable water bottle. Not many places in Bali do this, so props to them.

They also had an expansive menu with so many different options for whatever you are in the mood for. Because I’m on an alternative burger kick, I tried the halloumi burger, which came with sweet potato fries and sunflower seed slaw.

The wait staff are super friendly and attentive. Normally I am waiting on a check for ages here in Bali, but they were quick to attend to my every need.

The Cashew Tree

Cashew Tree Uluwatu Bali

Near Bingin Beach, Cashew Tree is such a delight.

They have a big menu as well with a range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

I appreciated their tofu scramble since it was so flavorful and put a new spin on a classic dish.

At night, The Cashew Tree was bumping with live music creating a lovely evening vibe. They have a great drinks menu with options to split pitchers with friends.

In addition to their great food and atmosphere, they also have a chic shop with cute clothes and accessories. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend dining here.

Kelly’s Warung

Kelly's Warung Uluwatu Bali

Bingin Beach’s hidden gem. You can spend all day at Bingin Beach relaxing and/or surfing, and then step right into Kelly’s Warung for a delightful bite to eat. I went here twice since it was so good.

I didn’t know I needed the cauliflower bites until I tasted one, and those were probably my favorite thing I’d eaten in a while.

The falafel wrap and tofu poke bowl were just as great. You can’t go wrong here. Leave your stuff at the beach, go for a bite to eat, and then head back to the ocean!

Nourish Cafe

Jackfruit Tacos Nourish Cafe Uluwatu Bali

On my way back from Nyang Nyang Beach, I made sure I stopped at Nourish.

Immediately, I loved the coziness and welcoming vibe. The vibe was so cozy that I spent lots of time hanging there and writing in my journal.

I indulged in their vegan jackfruit tacos and the cauliflower popcorn. The menu has lots of nice options for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

They even had some desserts that made my mouth-water like their coconut caramel cheesecake, but unfortunately I didn’t save room.

If you end up going there, indulge in some dessert. Then you will have to tell me how it is.

Bukit Cafe

Bukit Cafe Burger Uluwatu Bali

The perfect spot after getting a lovely massage at Laniakea Spa right next door. This place had so much on their menu, I wanted to try it all. In the end, I got their vegan burger.

With avocado, vegan mayo, a sunflower bun and a delicious patty, it may just make the top of my list of favorite vegan burgers I’ve had to date!

Also, it came with sweet potato fries, which are my kryptonite. My friend got the falafel bowl, which also looked super appetizing.

You can’t go wrong here.

Bali Buda

Bali Buda Veggie Stack Uluwatu Bali

This restaurant doubles as a small grocery store where you can buy snacks.

I enjoyed the root veggie stack with tofu on top because it sounded interesting, and interesting it was indeed. It was a nice combination of flavors and something I hadn’t really tried before.

To finish off my meal, I bought a few protein bites from the grocery store as a snack for later. The cardamom energy ball is definitely my favorite to date.

For an added bonus, Bali Buda is eco-friendly as well. They have reusable bags made of newspaper.

There is no plastic in sight. Just glass jars and brown paper bags. A great start to diminishing the plastic problem in Bali.

Lands End

Pitaya Bowl at Lands End in Uluwatu, Bali Indonesia

This small restaurant is a hidden gem. I hadn’t heard much about it until I moved down here.

The food is made with high quality ingredients and lots of love. The smoothie bowl is delicious with plenty of fruit on the side. If you still have room after this show stopping smoothie bowl, you can finish your meal with one of their delectable homemade desserts.

Everything takes like it’s from your mother’s kitchen.

Although no wifi to do any work, this has become my favorite place to write blogs and chill in this small cozy environment. 

I hope you get to indulge in the deliciousness the Uluwatu restaurants have to offer during your trip to Bali.

Happy dining!

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