Part 3: 15 Memorable Things To Do in Seattle Solo

This trip had it all. From the food, to the tourist sites, to the nature, Seattle proved to be one of the best spots to travel solo in the US.

11. Hot Cakes

Hot Cakes Seattle Washington

Hot Cakes was another recommendation from a friend. At first, I wasn’t planning to go out of my way to try it.

The universe clearly had separate plans because on my way back from Capitol Hill, bum bum bum–there she was in all her glory.

I think I stood in shock for a good 5 minutes, so excited that I stumbled upon this esteemed dessert sanctuary.

My favorite dessert consists of anything warm with ice cream on top of it whether that be a brownie, a cookie, or in this case, a hot cake.

I ordered the peanut butter dark chocolate hot cake with peanut butter fudge and caramel. It was even gluten free!

Look, I can be a dramatic person. And this may sound exaggerated, but I swear to you it is not.

When I had my first bite, I think I ascended. I could’ve come to Seattle just for this dessert. My salivary glands are going crazy thinking about it again.

Truthfully, when I just looked up the menu again, a tear came to my eye. There are so many great options.

If you are a dessert junkie, please do yourself a favor and give this a try. And take me with you; I want to try the S’mores one next time.

12. Space Needle

Space Needle Seattle Washington

After my love affair at Hot Cakes, I needed a good walk. I walked back from Capitol Hill to the Space Needle. I purchased my Space Needle ticket online beforehand; however, you can purchase your ticket when you get there.

My recommendation is to purchase the ticket that allows you to go to both the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden & Glass.

You can also purchase a different ticket that includes the Pacific Science Center and Seattle Monorail too. It’s totally up to you on what you want to do and how much time you have.

Even though tickets are upwards of $60, I thought it was worth it. You learn a lot about the construction of the Space Needle in line, and then you fly up a couple hundred feet for a 360 view of Seattle.

The construction is brilliantly designed with two floors that are slowly spinning. There is glass so you can look down and see the ground beneath you–if you’re afraid of heights, perhaps, don’t look down.

The top floor has a bar and a small cafe for you to hang out while getting an incredible view. The bottom floor is more for all of the photo ops.

I was planning to only spend 45 minutes there, and then 2 hours later I was still roaming around.

13. Chihuly Garden & Glass

Chihuly Garden & Glass Seattle Washington

After my stint in the Space Needle, it was time to check out Chihuly Garden & Glass, which is conveniently located right next door.

I am definitely a museum girl. There is something so meditative about slowly strolling through a museum and soaking it all in.

The art in this museum is mind blowing. I would go from one exhibit to the next more in awe than I was at the last. Indulging in the vibrant colors and brilliant shapes, I could not believe that someone was able to create all of this beautiful glass.

There’s an inside portion and then the garden is outdoors.

It was invigorating to see the juxtaposition of the glass in nature, yet it was tied together so extraordinarily.

This museum is definitely a must. I was beyond impressed.

14. Pink Door

Pink Door Seattle Washington

Finally, I ended the night meeting up with some of the ladies from the Evergreen Escapes Tour. We met at Pink Door, an exquisite Italian restaurant, which ironically was hard to find since the entrance has no sign. It is truly just a pink door.

Every Sunday and Monday night they have a trapeze performance, which was a lovely addition to the pleasant atmosphere.

I had a seafood and pasta dish, yet all of the dishes that everyone ordered looked delicious. You can’t go wrong here.

15. Ellenos

Ellenos Yogurt Seattle Washington

Sadly, my time in Seattle has come to an end. But, I wasn’t leaving without trying the best yogurt in town.

Ellenos is near Pike Place Market. This little gem of a shop serves yogurt like ice cream. I picked two flavors for my dish: lemon yogurt and pumpkin yogurt. Sounds like a bizarre combo, but I could’ve eaten a whole tub of it.

If you are a dairy fan, whatever you do, do not miss out on this yogurt. It’s the perfect snack.

Then, it was time to go back on the Light Rail and head to the airport.

Yes, I ate my way through Seattle, and I loved every second of it. As I dramatically rode away from the downtown train station, I looked out the window with an intense feeling of fulfillment. (Think classic leaving on a train movie scene with emotional music.)  

From the otherworldly nature, dynamic shops, delectable food, and vibrant ambiance, Seattle is the ideal solo trip and weekend getaway.

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