Part 2: 15 Memorable Things To Do on Your Solo Trip To Seattle

Seattle, Washington is chock full of incredible adventures and tasty food.

I got the best of both world while visiting Seattle--city life and nature.

As I gallivanted through Olympic National Park, I found my way back to the city to eat more savory and delicious meals.

6. Evergreen Escapes Tour

Washington is a breeding ground of stunning nature.

I feel most at peace amongst trees, bodies of water and mountains.

So, I knew getting out of Seattle and experiencing Washington’s nature up close was an absolute must.

Seattle Olympic National Park Solo Trip

Evergreen Escapes Tours popped up multiple times online, and from my first inquiry with them, I knew I needed to do a day trip with them.

I was torn between the Mount Rainier trip and the Olympic National Park trip since both seemed phenomenal.

I ended up going with Olympic National Park knowing full well that I would definitely make another trip back for Mount Rainier.

I was hesitant to spend over $200 on a day trip because I knew that if I did it on my own it would probably be cheaper.

However, after speaking to the insightful Evergreen Escapes tour guide on the phone, I realized I would happily pay the price for a full day of having everything taken care of for me.

Plus, then I wouldn’t have to be lost in the woods by myself–I could actually spend the day in the company of other nature lovers!

We drove to the ferry, and I was feeling like Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy on his commute to work every day in Seattle.

Hurricane Ridge

After the ferry, we drove two hours through the beautiful Bainbridge to the national park.

With it being early autumn, the trees boasted glamorous, rustic red and orange leaves.

We drove up to Hurricane Ridge.

Here, you are supposed to see a beautiful landscape of the mountain range, but since it was snowy and cloudy, we just saw a gray fog.

Hurricane Ridge Washington

I was only a little disappointed because we still got to hike around in the snow, stopping to learn more about the trees and animals.

The disappointment didn’t last long because on the drive back down, the fog started to clear up, and I got to see the picturesque scenery.

This was only the first stop!

We rode back down to eat lunch near a waterfall and computer-background-worthy views.

Evergreen Escapes had already prepared lunch and snacks for us that we stowed in the van.

It wasn’t just a packed sandwich, but a whole chicken, salad and vegetables table spread!

If you thought I was blissed out before, I was euphoric then.

Lake Crescent

Later, we went to Lake Crescent, which was absolutely breathtaking.

Since it was early October, there were very few tourists here, so we got to take in all of its tranquility on our own.

The lake with the mountains in the background was surely a memorable sight to see.

Attached to Lake Crescent was the greenest and wildest forest I’ve ever been in.

It was reminiscent of Dr. Seuss’ Truffula Tree Forest in The Lorax. I was bewildered. Add it to the list of most wonderful spots to meditate.

Olympic National Park Seattle Solo Trip

Finally, we ended the trip at the tide pools, which housed several species of marine organisms that we got to see up close and personal. It was the perfect end to a wonderful day.

This day trip had a little bit of everything: mountains, lakes, forests, waterfalls, and pools.

I was entranced by how beautiful this world is!

It was so worth it to have Evergreen Escapes plan the whole day trip for me.

Pay the money to be with professionals who know the ropes, so you can just sit back and enjoy. You can do one day trip, or even fill your schedule with two!

It’s your trip. Go crazy.  

7. Pike Place Chowder

When we got back to Seattle, a few of the trip members and I wanted to try the famous Pike Place Chowder.

There are two locations.

Since we got back late, we had to go to the location inside the mall. Definitely a different vibe than the stand-alone restaurant.

I had a po-boy shrimp sandwich and clam chowder.

Pike Place Chowder Seattle Washington Po Boy

It was quite satisfying and added another check mark to my bucket list!

You can try a sampler of all of their chowders. Ah, a foodie’s dream!

8. Biscuit Bitch

I was recommended to go to Biscuit Bitch for breakfast by a friend, and boy, was I happy I went.

After strolling up at 8:30am and realizing it opened at 9am, I rolled into the back of the line.

Yes, there was already a line 30 minutes before it opened!

With patience and excitement, I waited to get my biscuit.

Patience is indeed a virtue because when I finally got my breakfast sandwich, I think I cried happy tears as I savored every bite.

I am in love with biscuits and gravy. So, this was such a treat for me.

Biscuit Bitch Seattle Washington Solo Trip

Also, this is the kind of restaurant where they are mean to you on purpose.

When you go up to the counter, they say “what do you want, bitch?”

The vibe is fun and playful in there, which makes it an entertaining place to go.

Thanks, Biscuit Bitch, for the happy food tears!

9. Capitol Hill

I knew that I wanted to do the Space Needle and Chihuly Glass & Garden; however, I had spare time in the morning and wasn’t sure how I was going to fill it.

Luckily, I met some locals at Uptown Hophouse who gave me recommendations and told me I should check out one of the neighborhoods in Seattle.

They suggested Fremont, Ballard or Capitol Hill. Since Capitol Hill was the closest to the Space Needle, I figured that was probably my best bet.

Capitol Hill Seattle Washington

Capitol Hill is a hip and retro neighborhood that has some super cool vibes.

If you walk down Broadway, you can window shop and explore the coffee shops and cafes.

So, after my breakfast at Biscuit Bitch, I felt energized and walked all the way to this neighborhood. From Belltown, this took about an hour.

Now, walking is one of my favorite activities.

I prefer to walk over any other transportation hands down.

Since I was on my Seattle Solo Trip Adventure, I had no one to complain about this long walk, which was fabulous.

Google Maps became my best friend in how to actually maneuver the streets.

If you aren’t a walker, or if you are short on time, an uber or lyft would be about 10 minutes.

I’m so happy I got to explore this neighborhood!

10. Volunteer Park & Garden

Volunteer Park & Garden wasn’t originally on my list, but I knew I would still have some time to kill after galavanting through Capitol Hill.

With some thorough research, I took some local online advice that said this park was a hidden gem to tourists.

After trekking north through Capitol Hill, I made it to the sacred site.

This park is huge!

There were countless people jogging, hanging out, walking their dogs, playing with their kids and simply taking in the beautiful autumn day.

Volunteer Park in Seattle Washington

There was a conservatory that I climbed up to get a 360 view of the city.

Then, to top it off, there was a quaint greenhouse that I explored and basked in the beauty of the plants and flowers.

At the conservatory specifically that weekend, there was an orchid festival.

I have never seen that many beautiful orchids in my life. I didn’t even know that many different types existed.

If you have time and want a more peaceful day, this is the spot to go to.

You can even bring food, meditate and set up a picnic!

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