Part 1: 15 Memorable Things To Do in Seattle Solo

As I was burning out from my job, I decided to use some of my vacation days to take a rejuvenating trip. I decided to pick Seattle, Washington for my first trip as a solo traveler! *cue the excitement*

I had been wanting to go to Seattle for a while since I had heard rave reviews about the city. So, I figured that this was my perfect chance to get out west for a long weekend.

These 15 places are the perfect recipe for an incredible trip in Seattle whether you’re traveling solo or with a crew.


When I landed, I took the Link Light Rail from the Airport into the city. It was easy to find with all of the airport arrows and signs.

The best part was that it only cost $3 for a one-way ticket. An incredible way to save money on transportation instead of paying for a $30-50 uber. It took about 45 minutes to get into the city, but I didn’t mind because the views are lovely if you look out of the window.  

1. Pike Place Market & Market Grill

Public Market Seattle Washington

I got off the shuttle in the heart of the city and strode to Pike Place Market, which was not too far away.

There I was fluttering around Pike Place Market giddily taking photos of the elegant flower bouquets, inhaling the smells of the fresh fish, and gawking at the abundance of fruit and vegetables.

I found a seat at Market Grill –a must try– and indulged in their freshly caught grilled salmon and a cup of clam chowder.

Now, it is called New England Clam Chowder for a reason, but Seattle gave New England a run for their money here. This cup of chowder was one of the best I had during my time in Washington. It was so good I scarfed it down before I could even take a picture!

Hats off to Market Grill. I left very satiated and satisfied.

I highly recommend carving out a good chunk of time to stroll through the market. There is so much to look at and buy!

After checking out Pike Place Market, I sauntered over to check out all of the restaurants on the other side of the street.

The original Starbucks had a line out the door, so if you want to check it out, make sure you’re ready to wait.

2. Piroshky Piroshky

Piroshky Piroshky Seattle Washington

Piroshky Piroshky is a super small Russian bakery that has savory and sweet treats. I am salivating just thinking about being there again!

I wanted the whole menu.

Their seasonal pumpkin almond braid was screaming my name. I ate the whole thing looking over the water, and let me tell you, that is what I call pure contentment.

This bakery was so good, I had to go twice. I made a point to go back right before my flight back to Chicago. The second time, I got the bacon, hash browns, egg and cheese piroshky. Yep, exactly how it sounds: incredible.

3. Gum Wall

Gum Wall Seattle Washington

After eating my weight in deliciously gooey goodness, I meandered on over to the infamous gum wall.

At first, it was hard to find. Apparently, they had just “cleaned” the wall. (Whoever’s job that was, I’m sorry.) After walking around like a complete tourist with Google Maps out at the ready, I strolled down a street next to the market and found the little wall.

It’s fun to see; however, I did hear a few surprised remarks from other tourists saying “wait, that’s it?” They were unamused, but I was in cheery bliss to be roaming around by myself.

To me, a gum wall is a gum wall. I didn’t expect a Van Gogh-inspired painting on the wall, but if you go and see The Starry Night in gum, you 100% have to send me a picture.

4. Olympic Sculpture Park

Even though some may consider this park “just a red sculpture,” this may have been the most underrated part of my trip.

I am in love with this park. To me, this park represents serenity, connectedness and peace.

With an afternoon check-in, I was able to drop my suitcase off at my AirBnB (finally!), which was a 5-minute walk to this park.

Olympic Sculpture Park Seattle Washington

Now, imagine this: it’s October. There’s a light breeze in the air. The sun is slowly setting leaving a calming haze over the city. People are walking their dog, holding hands, and laughing quietly.

I was in a trance when I went to this park simply because I was astounded to glimpse a beautiful sculpture overlooking the water while the sun was setting.

With my journal in tow, I sat on a bench, meditated, and wrote about how grateful I was to be in Seattle on my first solo trip. This is a memory I fondly think back on often.  

I went back the next day just to revel in the atmosphere again.

My recommendation is to take a nice peaceful walk around the park and continue down the path by the water. Whether you’re going north or south, it’s definitely an experience to take in. You can also indulge in doing some yoga at this park. Bring your travel mat, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

5. Sports Bar

After my walk, I didn’t want my night to end. I was still full from my huge late lunch of Market Grill and Piroshky Piroshky, so I wasn’t necessarily looking for the whole dinner experience.

Instead, I walked around and winded up at Uptown Hophouse–a nice looking sports bar to end the night. This bar brought in a fun, local crew and had friendly waitstaff. The best part was the full-range of beer and cider options.

There are many cute spots around Seattle to cozy up and grab a cocktail. This was an ideal way to end my travel day.

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