Release Stagnant Energy & Shift Your Mood With this 15-Minute Yoga Flow

Let's get your yoga on and flow it out!

Sometimes emotions and energy can get stuck in our body. If you don't feel the emotions or move out the energy, it can cause blockages leading to pain, discomfort or other ailments. If you are feeling stressed with stuck, stagnant energy-- try this 15-minute yoga vinyasa flow to move and shake it out.

This flow is structured to get your blood flowing and your body moving! You can do this yoga flow any time of day whenever you need to release any tension or stress. Any level is welcome. There are modifications for beginners.

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I look forward to seeing you on your mat again soon. :)

Hi! I'm Nikki. A traveling yogi on a mission to spread inner peace and joy through mindfulness and holistic health.

Free Yoga Challenge

So many beginners have said to me "I want to try yoga, but I don't even know where to start!". Well, Look no further. I’ve made it easy for you and have laid everything out step by step.

5 full days of simple, gentle yoga. Perfect for beginners.

In this free yoga challenge, you will: 
  • Learn 12 basic yoga poses
  • Practice the poses in four 15-minute gentle yoga sequences
  • Connect deeper to your mind and body through 5 different journal prompts
  • Finish the challenge with a 30-minute flow
  • Gain more confidence in your yoga practice
  • Have access to a global yoga community
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