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I am already so proud of you for taking the first step of truly finding wellness.
There is no one size fits all approach, and I am so passionate about finding what works for you.
With your own personalized plan, we will create the life you love waking up to.
Let's begin your healing journey together.
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Let's Heal Together

Imagine waking up with more excitement for what the day has in store. You establish a routine you feel good about, you have more love in your life--for both yourself and others--and you genuinely feel content.

An inner peace whirls inside you that is magnetic. Wherever you go, your high energy raises the frequency around you.

The things that stressed you out no longer take over your life.

This is all here for you to have. Yet, sometimes our programming and conditioning gets in the way and can eventually lead us to misery, despair and numbness.

I'm here to help you work through the setbacks that are getting in the way of you feeling truly fulfilled and joyful.

Let's get you started on your healing journey.

Energy Healing

holistic healing bali

What's Included: 

  • 1 60-minute energy healing session
  • Starting with reading your different chakras and talking through any blockages.
  • Ability to ask any questions on your mind to see what is going on for you internally
  • Pranic healing cleansing of energy
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Yoga & Meditation

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What's Included: 

  • 1 60-minute private yoga & meditation session personalized to your needs
  • Choice of hatha style slow flow, vinyasa, or yoga and cardio
  • Group classes also available, contact me for rates

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Life Coaching

Ulun Danu temple holistic healing bali

What's Included: 

  • 1 60-minute session to talk about your goals and what's going on currently in your life
  • Create a road map with action steps to bridge where you are and where you want to be
  • Safe space to spew everything on your mind
  • Be held accountable toward your goals
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What is Energy & Pranic Healing? 

Energy exists all around us in different forms.

We have seen it firsthand.

If someone has high energy, they may be jumping around the room on a sugar spike. With low energy, the person may have tired eyes and look like they need a nap and a blanket.

Different energies have unique frequencies and vibrations.

These energies can be derived from your thoughts. An unkind thought about yourself may spiral you into a lower energetic state.

Energy healing is working on clearing negative energies drowning your space.

In our sessions, I will tap into your energy and see what is surrounding your field using Pranic Healing techniques of scanning auras and chakras.

Pranic Healing is a technique used to clear negative energy to heal physical and emotional ailments.

Using prana, or life force energy, from the air, trees, breath and earth, will replace the older, stale energy causing distress.

In combination with therapeutic practices and conversation, this unique approach to healing leaves people feeling refreshed with new insights and lighter.

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What They're Saying: 

"Highly knowledgeable and healing for my soul. She gave me incredible input on who I am and how to move on in my life. She connected with my higher self and gave me information that blew my mind.

I'm incredibly grateful, she has made my life better and I'll recommend her to anyone who is in needs to support, growth, understanding, guidance. She has many powers in her hands."

-Lea S.

"My session with Nikki was incredibly insightful - profound depth and practical next steps.

I feel very fortunate for the time Nikki spent to go over my energy and what to focus on for healing.

-Jackie M.

"Nikki provides individualized healing practices during her one-on-one sessions. She was so patient and empathetic while listening to my stories. I felt so comfortable talking with Nikki. I left the session feeling refreshed and motivated!"

-Ali M.

I loved my session with Nikki! She outlined her process clearly and asked me what my goals were at the beginning of the session. She explained my chakras to me and we dived deeper into a few of those.

We worked together to understand what she was reading from me and what was going on in my life currently and how I was feeling. She was very understanding, patient, and intuitive. I feel like this session was therapy because she helped me find ways to apply what we were learning into my daily life and offered her own tips on how to meditate. She was also incredibly generous with her time!

I feel like this session was therapy because she helped me find ways to apply what we were learning into my daily life and offered her own tips on how to meditate. She was also incredibly generous with her time!


"Nikki is the most wonderful yoga teacher. I feel truly blessed to have found her. Nikki was willing to give me private one-to-one yoga classes in the comfort of my own home in accordance with my personal goals and needs. For the last six months, once a week, she has been guiding me through a 60-minute customised personal programme, which has been great for balance, stretching, weight loss, breathing, strength and concentration. I was able to see my progress and feel the improvements within a very short space of time and I now feel stronger, more energised, and more than willing to push myself further. Nikki is full of encouragement, she’s patient, she’s sensitive to my needs, she answers all my questions and explains everything very clearly. She inspires me not only with her teaching skills but also with her own personal yoga abilities and knowledge. She is always smiling and upbeat, dependable and punctual. Yoga with Nikki nourishes my mind and spirit as well as my body. In the past I have always shied away from yoga but thanks to Nikki I’m now loving it."

-Rachel L.